Olatunji Oniyaomebi

Olatunji Oniyaomebi

Olatunji Oniyaomebi is a court-connected mediator in the Superior Court of California with a portfolio involving civil harassment, small claims and unlawful detainer.  He was a computer systems administrator for twenty-eight years, the last twenty-three as IT manager for an international beauty products manufacturer.  He found systems administration and mediation as having a lot in common.  They both demand problem-solving skills, people and communication skills, attention to detail, listening skills, neutrality, quick thinking, and coming up with creative ideas for problem solving.  Building relationships and forging peace is very important to him. He's finishing up grad school in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. 

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Articles and Video:

Culture and Conflict (11/15/19)
Culture influences conflict outbreak, conflict perception, conflict escalation, and conflict resolution.

Everything Is Important, Still Nothing Is Important (05/25/18)
This article discusses using socially constructed realism to break through anchored positions in mediation.