Maria Paola Felibert

Maria Paola Felibert

Maria Paola Felibert is an attorney mediator and a labor conciliator. She is a specialized Lawyer for the Judiciary. Postgraduate program of Instruction for Lawyers HARVARD LAW SCHOOL. Secretary of the Defender's Office of the Judicial Department of Bahía Blanca, Mediation Area. Node Bahía Blanca of Mediators in Network Foundation. Vicepresident of the Institute of Mediation (Bahía Blanca Bar Association).

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Articles and Video:

Children and Teenagers: When their right to be heard challenges us as conflict resolvers (06/06/19)
One of the biggest challenges for us as conflict resolvers is to help parents recognize their children’s vital role not only in the family system, but also in society.

Restorative Practices in Juvenile Criminal Proceedings (04/13/18)
This article moves from theory to practice by demonstrating an approach from a real case in Latin America.