Alexia Georgakopoulos

Alexia Georgakopoulos

Alexia Georgakopoulos, Ph.D., is the Editor of The Mediation Handbook: Theory, Research and Practice published by Routledge, 2017. She is currently a Professor in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies at Nova Southeastern University; Fort Lauderdale, FL in the USA where she teaches masters and doctoral students. She is the Director of the Institute of Conflict Resolution and Communication (, a conflict resolution training and consulting firm specializing in delivering educational training, mediation certification, and continuing mediation education to professionals in the public. As a world class scholar and practitioner in mediation, she is a popular sought-after speaker worldwide and was featured on NBC’s Today Show to discuss international peace in a diverse world. She is a primary trainer for Florida Supreme Court Mediation Certification Programs and offers Mediation Education to professionals who are novice to seasoned mediators. As a professor, trainer, and practitioner, she is considered a mediation authority and thought leader with over two decades of experience in mediation. She has trained thousands of mediators around the world and she tirelessly works as a professional trainer, consultant, and/or mediator for multinational organizations, law enforcement departments, professional athletic teams, environmental agencies, school systems, healthcare organizations, maritime industries, family systems, governmental agencies, insurance agencies, banks, religious organizations, community-based organizations, and international organizations. She is the great granddaughter of Alexandra who experienced the sights of genocide in a small Greek Village in Epirus, Greece. She is the granddaughter of Gregory, a Veteran who served three years in the US Air Force during WWII. She is the daughter of a parent who worked for the Department of Defense Internationally in a revolution-struck country. She is a dedicated mother, educator, and mediator who has committed her life career to promoting peace for a better future.





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Articles and Video:

Review of Mediation Handbook (06/07/18)
The handbook doesn’t reflect a Western Perspective, rather it reflects a global perspective of mediation and that is the only way we can have a holistic view of mediation.

Tragedy, STAND UP Movement, and You (04/10/18)
In the aftermath of the Parkland crisis, the surrounding community and mediators/peacebuilders have been called to assist in efforts with the Crime Commission, law enforcement and even SWAT to work in the area of youth violence prevention.