Laura Tarcea

Laura Tarcea

Laura Tarcea is a family and community mediator. She is committed to supporting families go through divorce or separation in the best possible manner and in accordance to their unique needs. With a background in Psychology, Mental Health, Research and Community Development, she bringsvaluable insight and critical knowledge to parents. Depending on each family’s needs, she often employs a co-mediation model to ensure an efficient and cost-effective process. While she conducts child-focused mediation, she equally recognizes the necessity of parental support. Just like in an emergency on a plane, adults/caregivers need to put their masks on first before helping anyone.


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Articles and Video:

Zealous Advocacy Can Kill (11/12/18)
His divorce was going really badly: aggressive lawyers on both sides, court battles and blame-ridden affidavits!

The Need for a Paradigm Shift for Transforming Relational Conflict (03/16/18)
This paper provides a brief overview of mediation with a focus on clients’ self-determinism in family mediation or family dispute resolution (FDR) and Ontario court-connected alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs.