Mark Baer

Mark Baer

Mark Baer is a mediator, conflict resolution consultant and collaborative family law attorney. He has decades of experience working with families, received his basic mediation training in 2008 and has been an ongoing student and thought leader in mediation, conflict resolution, and peacemaking ever since. He has crafted a reputation within the industry for his psychologically-minded and relationship-centered approach. Mark is also a well-known writer and columnist for a number of publications on the interplay between psychology and conflict resolution within the field of family law, as well as familial and interpersonal relationships in general. He has had a regular “Psychology and Family Law” column in the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association’s award-winning bimonthly newsletter since 2008. A number of Mark’s articles have been referenced in books, law review articles, think tank studies, and elsewhere. 

Mark has been selected as a Southern California Super Lawyer since 2012 for alternative dispute resolution (which includes mediation and collaborative law) and family law. In 2017, he was elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, in recognition of exemplary dedication to highest principles of the legal profession, commitment to the welfare of society, and support for the ideals, objectives, and work of the American Bar Foundation.

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Articles and Video:

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This article discusses this concept: “Conflict in divorce cannot be resolved if we don't talk to each other.”

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Empathy is a skill set, the core of which is perspective taking.

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The problem with the Ba Association is a lack of agreed upon understanding of what "its critical public protection functions" entails.

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If you were asked to stop doing any of these simple tasks, what feelings and emotions might you experience?

Hiring a Divorce Attorney? Buyer Beware (01/19/18)
John Keith wrote the following: “It is inherent in our role that we fight other peoples’ battles, but this duty encourages us to identify with our clients and view their battles as our own.”