Georg Stratemeyer

Georg Stratemeyer

Georg Stratemeyer is working hard to make this a better world for children, one separating couple at a time. As a mediator for over 20 years, coach and trainer, Georg has delivered workshops and training sessions and written articles to help mediators become better at what they do. Recently Georg has started experimenting with writing for parents using his Master’s Degree and extensive experience to help couples find a positive perspective on conflict. 

Georg Stratemeyer is currently working as a mediator for RCAS in Calgary. He has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and teaches courses in mediation, communication, and anger management when he is not working with families.



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Articles and Video:

Measuring Success in Mediation: An Outline (02/14/20)
The purpose of this article is to review relevant literature on measuring success in mediations with the intent to offer recommendations for the improvement of mediation practice and to provide information to ADR program design professionals.

Domestic Violence Theories and Mediation (07/05/19)
This article proposes that the family mediation process formalizes the separation, as partners are encouraged to try to work out how to co-parent their children, and increases the risk for victims of domestic violence.

Language Patterns and Mediation (01/19/18)
This article is a summary of techniques I use to identify when parties to a mediation use language patterns intended to avoid responsibility making it difficult to reach an agreement.