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Robert Wildau Robert Wildau practiced law in Atlanta for 23 years before founding NewSouth in 1995 and becoming a full time neutral in 1998. Mr. Wildau served as a Judicial Officer on the Family Court of Fulton County and was President of the Family Mediation Association of Georgia and later Chair of the Dispute Resolution Section of the Atlanta Bar Association. He is a charter member of the Georgia Academy of Arbitrators & Mediators and in 2008 was designated a Georgia Superlawyer in ADR.  He is active on the Board of the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia and speaks regularly on dispute resolution topics to professional and lay organizations.

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Articles and Video:

Making Sense of Collaborative Law (02/17/12)
To most attorneys including this one, on the first hearing "collaborative law" sounds like a contradiction in terms. Lawyers go to court to find out who's right and who's wrong, so what's to collaborate about? Or if people are truly collaborating, why should they need to resort to law at all?

From Robert Wildau (10/11/11)
Jim Melamed's and John Helie's vision of the potential of the internet for our nascent field was one of the most momentous developments in the modern history of mediation. has ever since been the gold standard for DR education of both practitioners and clients. It taught hundreds of us professionals the basics about internet marketing, while providing consistently excellent service, tailored to our specific needs.

From Robert Wildau (08/30/07)
When helping to orient new dispute resolvers to the media in our field, "" is always the first place I send them. John Helie was the first person to show me the potential of the Internet for marketing and communication, and the entity the two of you established is still in a class by itself as both an intellectual and a business center.