Gabor Farkas

Gabor Farkas

Gabor Farkas is the cofounder and President of Active Mediation. Active Mediation is an NGO based in Geneva, that intends to empower European mediators with a platform allowing them to define a fresh approach to cross-border commercial and civil mediation.

During his 30 years of professional experience in Communication, Marketing and Management, Gabor has developed his skills in fostering transnational business relations and conflict resolution. He was the founder and CEO of a chain of retail stores. Previously, he was the Marketing Director of the first European company to offer internet access over cable. An early pioneer in the development of web based businesses he launched one of the first e-commerce websites in Switzerland, in 1995. Gabor has studied multimedia and creative arts in ESAV in Geneva.  He is an accredited mediator with CEDR in the UK, CMAP and ESCP in France and CSMC in Switzerland. Born in Budapest and raised in Geneva, he has also studied and worked in England, the USA, Israel, Spain and France. Gabor Farkas speaks French, English, Hungarian and Spanish.

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Articles and Video:

The Case for a Fresh Approach to Commercial Cross-Border Mediation (11/10/17)
In a world where international commerce and cultural exchanges continuously progresses, disputes are unavoidable. Solving these cross-jurisdictional disputes through litigation is painfully long.