Melanie Frizzell

Melanie Frizzell

Melanie Frizzell, LPN, M.A. is a listed Rule 31 General Civil Mediator trained in Family Mediation, Domestic Violence, and Congregational Conflict. She has a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Conflict Management from Lipscomb University, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Social Work, and Organizational Leadership from Lipscomb University. 

She is a License Practical Nurse with over 21 years experience, wife, and mother of three. She is passionate about teaching organizations and individuals how to develop social emotional intelligence strategies. 

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Articles and Video:

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in HealthCare: Bridging the Gaps of Communication (09/01/17)
The goal of this article is to provide tools for health care employees and employers to support everyone acting with greater emotional intelligence.