Robert Bergman

Robert Bergman

Robert Bergman with Next Level Mediation provides full mediation services - including proprietary and confidential Decision Science (DS) analysis that assists each party in understanding their true litigation priorities as aligned with their business objectives. Each party receives a one-time user license to access our exclusive DS Application Cloud. We provide each party with a complimentary electronic copy of the DS Report.

A total of 45 years of experience in decision sciences, software engineering, business strategy simulation, defense, Scenario Planning, System Dynamics Modeling and market research. My background and years of experience of applying quantitative decision methodologies to improve international standards negotiations and strategic business decisions, brings a unique perspective to the mediation of business to business disputes

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Articles and Video:

History of Decision Making and Application to Dispute Resolution (04/25/22)
Decision-making is an integral part of conflict resolution. Any decisions taken at any level during the resolution process must consider all the conflicting needs of the individuals who are in conflict.

Support Tools for Video Conferencing During ODR (06/04/20)
There are a wide range of concepts which fall within ODR.

Revolutionizing Mediation through Technology (07/30/19)
In recent years, as the world has migrated toward a reliance on social networks, the internet of things, and digital transactions, disputes have grown exponentially in terms of number and complexity.

Increased Complexity of Commercial Disputes Requires a New Approach (07/28/17)
The cost of commercial litigation continues to rise, as a highly politicized world produces pervasive economic and policy uncertainty.