Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC
Conflict Analyst, Interpersonal Wellness Expert & Coach

Three years into her mediation practice, a client got so distraught while in a mediation session, he had a heart attack in Joyce’s office. He survived. However, this was a turning point in Joyce’s career and led to her commitment to transforming interpersonal conflict to interpersonal wellness. She then created the Pre-Mediation Model, a coaching process to help clients prepare for success prior to mediation, outlined in her book: “Getting Ready for Mediation: A Pre-Mediation Concept”. Later, Joyce created the Interpersonal Wellness System model and the Interpersonal Wellness Quotient (IWQ) Personal Assessment Instrument, a multi-dimensional integrated tool to help clients identify their capacity to contribute to the wellness of their interpersonal relationships.

Joyce Odidison is currently one of the world’s leading Interpersonal Wellness experts, speaker, coach, author of three books and the CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. – a performance enhancement, consulting, coaching and training firm, where Joyce has worked organizations, supporting their leaders and employees to manage conflict, prevent burnout, manage stress, reduce turnover and enhance interpersonal skills and build capacity for conflict management, wellness and excellence.

Joyce is also the Training Director of Interpersonal Wellness Coaching Institute where she trains and mentors consultants and coaches to become Interpersonal Wellness Coaches and Facilitators who are licensed to use her integrated wellness model, assessment tools and products in their practice with clients, to improve wellness and maximize their results.


Articles and Video:

In Their Voices: Video with Joyce Oddison (07/31/20)
This article shares a video of Michael Lang interviewing Joyce Oddison about how to stay resilient through difficult times. 

From Joyce Odidison (09/04/07)
Congratulations to I have really appreciate the diverse, informative articles over the years. As a contributor and as a reader, I find great value in articles. They have been enlightening, refreshing and educational as they continue to validate the services I provide to my clients and the diversity of perspectives within which I am able to meet the needs of my clients. They have also served to create a network of professionals in this field and has served to diminish some of the isolation by providing a foundation for building a community. Again, congratulations and well done!

Sustainable Conflict Resolution - an Objective of ADR processes (09/01/03)
Sustainable conflict resolutions are agreements that have been strategically negotiated to meet present and future needs of the stakeholders. They are supported by initiatives outlined within the agreement to successfully sustain the outcome. These agreements ensure that all relevant issues, including relational and emotional aspects brought on by the conflict are addressed in a collaborative and consensual manner.

Case Development as a Tool for Successful Mediation (06/23/03)
The complex emotional state of the disputing parties, and our past failures to attain reconciliation have increased our recognition of the need to prepare parties entering mediation to participate effectively.

How Can We Assist Clients in Becoming More Successful at Conflict Resolution? (11/12/02)
Let’s face it clients who are highly skilled in conflict resolution seldom visit our offices. This means that we should be prepared to provide our clients with conflict resolution coaching and support through their current conflict situation, and also be able to provide conflict resolution skills they will utilize to resolve future conflicts they may encounter.