Stephen Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg has taught negotiation, mediation, and arbitration at Northwestern Law. Professor Goldberg has been serving as a mediator, arbitrator, and dispute resolution consultant for 35 years. He is president of Mediation Research & Education Project, Inc, a member of the National Panel of Distinguished Neutrals of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators. He is also a mediator of the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, a salary arbitrator for Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, and the Jobs Monitor for the United Mine Workers of America and the Bituminous Coal Operators Association. Professor Goldberg is the author of numerous books and articles.

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Articles and Video:

Trump’s Approach to Conflict Resolution: Effect on Disputants and Neutrals (06/13/19)
Donald Trump’s primary approach to the resolution of conflict is to focus on what he sees as his power advantage over the party with whom he is dealing, and to rely on that presumed power advantage to force the other party to agree to his terms.

How Mediation Works: Theory, Research, and Practice - Book Review (06/30/17)
This is a review of Stephen Goldberg's book How Mediation Works: Theory, Research, and Practice.