Beth Myers

Beth Myers

Beth Myers is a seasoned mediator working primarily with complex family conversations, traditional legal process driven family matters such as divorce and workplace conflict management. She has recently expanded her academic work to include near completion of a masters' degree in conflict resolution with a capstone focus on de-escalation traiining for law enforcement.

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Articles and Video:

Mediation’s New Clothes (08/30/19)
This paper discusses pivotal elements of the 21st Century identity crisis within and about the American mediation industry.

From Beth Myers (10/15/13) is the central source for and about mediation. A one stop shop for anyone looking to access and vet professionals across the U.S. is the go-to source for information, education, visibility,connection. Thank you Jim!

From Beth Myers (10/11/11) is the single best connecting point for mediators globally. It is one of the few (if not the only) groups I've researched whose doors are wide open and actively promoting the field of mediation with respect and support for mediators from every specialty, region and approach. THANK YOU MEDIATE.COM for 400 issues!! Looking forward to 400 more.

Audioblog: Justice Denied by Delay: Mediation Quickset. (07/18/11)
An audio show discussing Justice Denied by Delay: Mediation Quickset.