Beth Myers

Beth Myers

At SBK Mediation, Inc. Beth Myers assists people as they address conflict and resolve disputes in a timely, cost efficient manner. Since 2010 Beth has worked with individuals and businesses in both Maine and Massachusetts resolving nearly 500 cases.


Beth Myers combines experience in negotiation and conflict management with strategic thinking, leadership and communication skills. An active, empathic and analytical listener, throughout her career,  Beth is known for helping others find clarity and move forward amid complexity and change.

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From Beth Myers (10/15/13) is the central source for and about mediation. A one stop shop for anyone looking to access and vet professionals across the U.S. is the go-to source for information, education, visibility,connection. Thank you Jim!

From Beth Myers (10/11/11) is the single best connecting point for mediators globally. It is one of the few (if not the only) groups I've researched whose doors are wide open and actively promoting the field of mediation with respect and support for mediators from every specialty, region and approach. THANK YOU MEDIATE.COM for 400 issues!! Looking forward to 400 more.

Audioblog: Justice Denied by Delay: Mediation Quickset. (07/18/11)
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