Bruce Edwards

Bruce Edwards

Bruce Edwards was one of the pioneers in developing mediation as a tool for resolving commercial disputes in the United States. A professional mediator since 1985, he has mediated over 7,000 disputes throughout the United States, focusing on large, complex disputes often involving high emotions.  He has played a central role in establishing the largest and most successful dispute resolution company in the country, JAMS, where he served as Chairman of the Board while supporting the career development of hundreds of commercial mediators.

In addition to his full-time mediation practice, Bruce has devoted a substantial amount of time sharing his practical knowledge with others.  Since 1995, he has taught Advanced Mediation at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University. More recently, he has trained hundreds of aspiring mediators in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.  His international work continues, working with government leaders and institutions to find ways to implement mediation in justice systems around the world.

Bruce Edwards co-founded Edwards Mediation Academy in 2014 with his wife, Susan Franson Edwards, with the goal of delivering the highest quality skill development through online learning to all corners of the globe.

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Articles and Video:

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My friend and colleague, Daniel Weinstein, said it best when he observed, "In a world in which less than 1% of cases end in verdicts, it is surprising that lawyers prepare elaborately for a trial that will never occur, yet feel that the only preparation required for mediation is a good night’s sleep."

Interview with Bruce Edwards - The Future of Mediation and Mediation in India (03/01/20)
This is a new interview of Bruce Edwards by's Managing Editor, Dr. Clare Fowler. Mr. Edwards discusses the growth in the field of mediation generally and the growth of mediation in India specifically.

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Mediation Skills for the Indian Audience

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Dr. Ury says that in modern day conflict, where we seek to win at the expense of our adversary. In doing so, we invariably ensure mutual loss. “Instead,” he said, “The aim of modern day conflict resolution must focus on finding mutual gains.”

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In the 1990s, the very suggestion of facilitated negotiation was viewed with equal parts suspicion and contempt by most seasoned trial lawyers

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Champions of Peace (01/12/18)
Remember, we are not just developing an individual practice. We are reshaping a legal culture, while building an industry.

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