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Stanley Moore Stan Moore is a psycholoogy graduate of Whitman College who received a J. D. from Gonzaga School of Law cum laude in 1969, has since been a plaintiff and defense civil litigator, and is a member of the Washington and Idaho State Bars, who presently limits his practice to mediation, arbitration, and conflict resolution consulting principally in the Pacific Northwest. He has extensive mediation and alternative dispute resolution training is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, is a Certified Professional Mediator of the Washington and Idaho Mediation Associations, is an Idaho Supreme Court approved Civil Case Mediator and Family Law Mediator. He has been a speaker in numerous bar seminars covering mediation practice and ethics, and has taught Mediator Training. He has served as a Special Master and since 1985 has conducted many Court ordered as well as private mediations and arbitrations, and is a panel member of the National Arbitration Forum.

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From Stan Moore (10/14/13)
Present throughout the long tortuous efforts to create a "mediation profession" by a plethora of groups, associations, theorists, philosophers, and followings, continues to be the primary transcendent unifier of all things mediation. Thank you for being the "non denominational" home for all of us.

From Stan Moore (10/11/11) is the touchstone of current mediation articles and information. I find it to be an invaluable source for "what's happening" in the field. Congratulations, Jim for the great success of your tireless and energetic efforts in promoting all aspects of the spectrum of mediation fields. You have singularly maximized the power of the internet for mediation professionals and consumers.

Let’s Make Mediators Limited Practice Officers (06/25/02)
The Washington State Supreme Court recently enacted a scheme for licensing and regulating Limited Practice Officers (LPOs). While several law related services are under consideration for this designation, this development has within it the seeds of great opportunity for the mediation community. Licensing mediators may satisfy many of the concerns bar associations, individual lawyers, and even mediators have about legitamizing mediation and the public good.