Wayne Plenert

Wayne Plenert

Wayne Plenert is a British Columbia mediator and teacher. He was a board member and chair of the Roster Committee for Mediate BC. He has been mediating since 1985 and received his LLB (ADR) in 2002. He has operated as Peacebuilder Mediation since 2005. He enjoys mediation & conflict studies and training, as well as conflict system design.  He is helping develop the "Northern Navigator” project. This is a mandatory assessment/probable mediation model for the local provincial family court. Wayne its a retired lawyer who lives in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, which is Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway.


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Articles and Video:

Referring Church Conflict to Mediation (05/30/19)
This article outlines what uninvolved church leaders could do: encourage mediation in churches.

A Transformative Parenting Mediation Model (03/03/17)
The key to successful parenting mediation is using a model that works for the parents and provides a parenting model that starts with a truce, then works towards mid and long term parenting goals.