Armand and Robbin DAlo

Armand and Robbin DAlo

Armand and Robbin D'Alo  are the authors of F-A-C-C-T, Understanding the truth about separation and divorce.  Your first steps to a better life after marriage.

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Articles and Video:

Is Divorce The Real Target? (02/17/17)
When the fire of love feels dead or the threat of divorce is put on the table what is really happening?

Holiday Stress? There Is a Way to Fight (12/18/16)
Conflict is a part of life, and so exposure to it can be an important lesson in emotional literacy for kids if it is handled properly.

How to Get Control of the Money? (11/28/16)
When we ask people to come up with a budget, even when they are given a detailed outline with prompts, they give us blank stares. Likewise, when we get those worksheets back, in many cases they are far from reality.