Stuart Watson

Stuart Watson

Stuart Watson is a Mediation Trainer with Resolutions Northwest, a Family Mediator with Progressive Mediation, the Co-founder of the Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication, and the Author-Curator of The Relationship Repair Game, a 78-card deck of skills and tools for transforming conflict.

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Articles and Video:

The Essential Elements of Mediation Training (02/09/17)
Mediation Trainer Stuart Watson shares the wisdom of the most important elements of a mediation training gained from training new mediators over the last 15 years.

A Tale of Two Boxes: Re-Visioning the Nature of Conflict (01/20/17)
The nature of conflict has shifted from building understanding, connection and resolution between people to being in service, and pledging commitment to the grander evolutionary process, as nature “has its way” with humans experiencing conflict.