Alia Ismail

Alia Ismail

Alia Ismail is an independent dispute resolution professional. She is a non-lawyer mediator and a formerly California licensed financial advisor. Possess a consistent and successful track record for closing deals within the environmental health (Lebanon), financial services (US) and education (US) industries. While in school, and as part of getting trained, mediated and dismissed a few cases at Los Angeles Superior court.

Possess primary local (formerly Lebanon, and latterly US) and secondary international (Europe) education in public administration, business and dispute resolution. Holds an MBA and an MDR from Pepperdine University, a certificate in global enterprise management from Oxford, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Public Administration from the American University of Beirut.

In the process of establishing a Beirut-based American Lebanese cross-border mediation center to regulate mediation activity within the Middle East, and between the Middle East and the US. Besides mediating commercial disputes, developing a private practice in cultural transformation to instill a culture of ethics and protect the human rights of employees within organizations.

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Articles and Video:

Conflict Prevention: Utilizing the Historical Reasonable Person of Common Law (11/29/19)
Commitment to the reasonable man theory, a building block to many constitutions, is a commitment to one’s higher self, rather than to one’s instinct. Training individuals to act in a way that’s reasonable, creates internal checks and balances.

Appropriate Distance: A Reliable Path to Forgiveness (03/01/19)
There always are red flags that relationships are heading in the wrong direction.

Duality: A Natural Lifestyle, and Not a Catastrophe (01/04/19)
The existence of duality is not only natural, but could be converted to an asset.

Self-Restraint: A Door to True Liberty (09/06/18)
When one ignores one’s own emotions, to maintain face, or to increase hopes for immature peace, the likelihood for an unexpected emotional burst, by oneself, or by the other, increases.

The Ethics of Retaliation (02/16/18)
Many people resort to retaliation to protect their own authority. Yet, conduct in such situations rarely happens within ethical means.

The Lebanese: Heading into an Authentic Reconciliation, and Creating a Potential Reconciliatory Force in a Volcanic Region (01/26/18)
In the midst of an unstable Middle East, occupied with a combination of authentic civil protests, and illegitimate ISIS attacks, Lebanon seems to be a promising spot to true reconciliation.

Compassion: A Route to Realism and to Detecting Impossible Possibilities (12/01/17)
Even though some would reasonably argue that compassion could make true reconciliation a possibility, what seems apparent is that compassion could at least reliably function as a detector that filters possible solutions from impossible ones.

Challenges to Starting an American Middle-Eastern Cross-Border Mediation Center (10/13/17)
Starting a cross-borders mediation center between the US and the Middle East requires interacting with professionals on both continents. Despite appearing differences within both cultures, it seems when programmed patterns are utilized, and no longer serve, professionals shift their behaviors to the total opposite.

The Role of Ombudsmen and The Recurring Ethical Crisis in the American Financial Services Industry (01/13/17)
When recurring ethical crisis in the financial services industry arise, it’s essential to give voice to employees on the lower end of hierarchies in organizational institutions.