David Weiss

David Weiss

David S. Weiss, Esq. is the Founder & Director of the New Jersey City University School of Business Institute For Dispute Resolution and appointed Visiting Scholar. He has served as an observed for the International Mediation Institute (IMI) at The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) for proposed mediation rules on enforcement of cross border agreements.  Mr. Weiss is founding partner of the Weiss Law Group, LLC and focuses his law practice on dispute resolution and international trade.  He is also the founder of the newly formed International Mediation Center based in Jersey City , New Jersey.

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Articles and Video:

New Jersey Mediation will Create a Hub for Mediation of International Disputes (03/10/17)
David Weiss, the Director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) at New Jersey City University. , is interviewed by Laura A. Kaster, President of the Justice Marie L. Garibaldi New Jersey Alternative Dispute Resolution Inn of Court.

A Collaborative Process to Resolve International Business Disputes: Mediation Policy as a Global Business Model (11/16/16)
This is an editorial on real time updates on where we stand on significant policy initiatives affecting the cross border mediation process and what both the ADR and business community should be briefed on.