Keri Morris

Keri Morris

Keri Morris is a mediator who strongly believes in helping parties to resolve their disputes themselves. Her mediation work draws on experience she has gained working as a Duty Mediator at FairWay Resolution Limited. She is the Scheme Director of Family Dispute Resolution, a Senior Resolution Practitioner and was a facilitator of the Parenting Through Separation course through Skylight. Keri is a Fellow (Mediation) of the Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), is on the AMINZ Mediation Panel and is able to mediate all areas of dispute. She is an accredited provider of family mediation and an Associate member of the Resolution Institute.

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Articles and Video:

New Zealand Family Justice Puts Children First (04/12/19)
The people of New Zealand can be confident that children and families are at the front of the minds of an independent panel on family justice based on the panel's first report released last month.

Improving the Lives of Children by Delivering Family Dispute Resolution into New Zealand Prisons (09/02/16)
We share our experience and learnings of delivering Family Dispute Resolution into New Zealand prisons to improve the lives of children.