Ivo Bari

Ivo Bari

Ivo Bari is a Young Global Ambassador of The IBA-VIAC Mediation and Negotiation Competition. He secured the 3rd Position in the ICC Mediation Competition (2012) and the 3rd Best Negotiator Team in The IBA-VIAC Mediation and Negotiation Competition (2015). Ivo has also been the Assistant Coach to the FGV São Paulo team attending the ICC Mediation Competition (2014). Ivo is currently an Attorney, specializing in the fields of M&A, Corporate Law and Corporate Litigation. He is based out of São Paulo.


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Articles and Video:

A Brief Report from Down Under (Brazil) (10/14/16)
To the same extent that Brazilian market agents excel in their passion, enthusiasm, and capacities as business (wo)men, these fail miserably when disputes emerge with their peers, competitors, clients and/or suppliers.

CDRC Vienna: How Negotiation Competitions Benefit Students (07/22/16)
These articles are a series of summaries from the CDRC Vienna 2016. This one is a message from a Brazilian CDRC Pioneer to the next year, "Student Competitions like CDRC can change your life, if you know how to be prepared for it!"