Mervyn Malamed

Mervyn Malamed

Mervyn Malamed is an Organisational Conflict Management professional. Employees who are equipped to cope with crises and conflict carry a positive mind-set to friends, family and more. This exponential effect rubs off; it enhances lives and comes around to further enrich that same employee, co-workers, and the organisation itself. 

With three decades in the jewellery industry behind him, and having built his own manufacturing, retailing, and consulting businesses in the US and in South Africa, he understands how productivity was reduced in his own companies through outdated and destructive conflict handling. 

After some years studying the links between conflict management and productivity, it has become clear that massive opportunities are being missed. There is gross under-investment of time, money, skills, and ‘space’ in informal, interest-based options to deal with conflict.

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Articles and Video:

Email and Text Messaging: A Greater Source of Conflict Than We Realize (04/14/17)
Disputes can often be sourced to a highly flammable communication medium.

The Power, Rights, and Interests Hierarchy (03/17/17)
We tend to approach conflict situations as 'win/ lose'.

Mediation: What is it Really About? (03/10/17)
Mediation is successful more than 75% of the time, minimising costs in terms of time delays, frustration, and emotional impact on parties and their families.

Brave Discussions (11/28/16)
Unless there’s a conflict crisis, the vast majority of conflicts fly under the radar; and the more senior managers are, the less they know!

Conflict Behavior (Not Conflict Personality!) (08/12/16)
Conflict personality, or conflict character, has little to do with effectiveness. Conflict behaviour is what counts, and conflict behaviour can be changed.

Systemising the Way We Manage Workplace Conflict (07/11/16)
A good Integrated Conflict Management System covers a spectrum of dispute resolution practices from formal, to informal, and developmental.