Charlie Young

Charlie Young

Charlie Young was raised and educated in MA, and was ordained a priest for the Baker City Oregon Diocese.  Charlie served as a priest in the Baker diocese from 1958 to 1977 and was an assistant pastor and pastor and the Director of the Office of Religious Education from 1971-77.  He left the diocese in 1977 and after a year of discernment, asked to become a lay person.

Since then Charlie has been a flight instructor, corporate pilot and served as a Human Resources Director for several large firms.  In his last position, he was the Head Trainer for a Total Quality Management program.  The goal was to establish the company as a leading electrical contractor in Oregon.   The owners believed that they achieved their goal.

Since retirement in 1997, Charlie has been active as a mediator in the judicial system and the Community Dispute Resolution program, Community Solutions (CS) of Deschutes County.  He has participated in 1,400+ mediations in the last 18 years and has assisted in several basic mediator training programs and has conducted advanced mediation skills seminars.  He is a facilitative mediator who leans toward being a transformative mediator. 


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Articles and Video:

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The Youth for Conflict Management is focused on not only teaching the skills of mediation but, for me, more importantly teaching youth the behaviors of civil constructive dialogue.

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As far as I can tell, much of the research on how neural functions affect mediation has been done in the last 20 years.

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Aspects of ODR have been with us in one form another for decades.

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This is an interview with Charlie Young by Clare Fowler discussing how mediation principles can be applied in schools and prisons.

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An unforgettable experience that facilitative mediators encounter is the experience of being part of a truly transformative mediation.

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This article provides a self-reflection checklist for mediators to consider following a mediation.

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This article simply emphasizes the advantages of confidentiality to assist complete openness in difficult situations, so that a resolution can include healing and reconciliation.