Justin Kelsey

Justin Kelsey
Justin Kelsey is an MCFM Certified Mediator, a designation reserved for members of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation with significant mediation experience, advanced training, and education. In addition to offering mediation and collaborative law services, we continue to represent clients both in litigation in court and in all of the various types of out-of-court dispute resolution. We think of ourselves as a family that helps other families resolve conflict.

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Website: www.skylarklaw.com

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Articles and Video:

5 Tips for Adding Video to your Mediation Practice (07/28/17)
As more services go digital, it is necessary for legal and mediation professional to follow the trend. Clients expect an equal level of convenience and access in purchasing legal and mediation services that is provided in other online services.

3 Things that Mediation is NOT (04/21/17)
Mediation has become a popular alternative to court proceedings, with mediators resolving disputes of all kinds there is still a significant amount of confusion about what is mediation and what can a mediator do for you.

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I have talked about peoples assumption that bringing a divorce case in front of the judge would end their conflict. On the contrary letting the judge decided might cause more conflict in the end.

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This article summarizes five U.S. Tax Court cases in which the Court ruled against the taxpayer on issues involving deductible alimony.

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Many misunderstand what mediation is and mislabel dispute resolution processes. Litigators are urged to educate themselves about mediation, because if you only tell clients about the disadvantages then you are not providing balance either.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring an Attorney: a Mediator's Perspective (04/08/16)
In order to reduce the anxiety of conflict and ensure that you hire someone who is a good fit for your case, it is important to consider what questions you want to ask and to enter that meeting prepared.