Steven Goldman

Steven Goldman

Mr. Steven C. Goldman is currently a Department of Veterans Affairs Certified Mediator based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.   In this position, he mediates internal VA employee complaints of unlawful discrimination and harassment claims to include workplace and interpersonal issues as well as provides advice and ADR services to internal and external customers.  He has served as a mediator in various capacities for the Department of the Air Force and other agencies over the past 19 years to include Level III Advanced Air Force certified mediator status, a member of DoD Shared Neutrals Roster, adjunct instructor for basic and advanced mediation courses at Maxwell AFB Human Resources Management School.  Steve also served as Randolph AFB EO/ADR Manager from 2007-2012 and Interim Joint Base San Antonio ADR/EO Director in 2012.  He was the Alamo Federal Executive Board Shared Neutral’s Consortium Chair in San Antonio Texas responsible for 70 mediators.  Additionally, he served as a volunteer family mediator for the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center in San Antonio, TX mediating family disputes, child custody, and contract disputes. Steve is an Air Force Veteran with 21 years of service.  He has been the recipient of numerous ADR awards during his 19 years as a mediator to include the Secretary of the Air Force 2009 Small Base ADR award, and the Secretary of the Air Force General Counsel, 2010 Air Education & Training Command individual ADR award, and the 2014 Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary’s National ADR Award for Certified Neutrals.  Steve has Associate of Arts Degrees in Fire Science and Social Services from the Community College of the Air Force.  He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Associates Degree in Business Studies and the recipient of the Wayland Baptist University Bob Ross Memorial Award for Outstanding Management graduate.

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