Janet Rowles

Janet Rowles

Janet Rowles is a mediator specializing in high conflict and emotionally-difficult situations. In addition to doing divorce, post-divorce, and all types of family mediations, Janet does small and large group work including circle-keeping in Minneapolis public schools and facilitating large-groups such as condo associations and non-profit board decision-making.   Janet has a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Hamline School of Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute.  Janet is trained in transformative mediation, eldercare mediation, circle-keeping, and the social inclusion method for bullying in schools.  Janet has been a volunteer-mediator for Conflict Resolution Center in Minneapolis since 2003 and was a board member there from 2004-2011.  In 2013 Janet received a Peacemaker of the Year Award from the Minneapolis Public Schools.


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STOP Labeling People DIFFICULT PEOPLE and HCPs (03/18/16)
It is common nowadays for people to get labeled HCPs and difficult people. This article briefly examines the attributes of so-called difficult people and compares them to how people normally behave and feel are when they are in conflict.