Martin Rosenfeld

Martin Rosenfeld

Martin Rosenfeld is a mediator and family law attorney in Fair Lawn, NJ. He has written and lectured on mediation topics. His field of specialization is Divorce Mediation. Martin is on the NJ Roster of approved mediators. In his spare time, Martin is a substitute teacher for the Bergen County (NJ) Special Services Program, for special needs children and adults.

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Articles and Video:

ADR Principles and Clergy-Congregation Relations (03/19/21)
It is likely that a large majority of clergy who serve congregations are hired, re-hired or terminated by the vote of the individual congregation.

The Saga of Edward Everett (03/18/16)
The famed orator Edward Everett was chosen to speak, to be followed by brief remarks by President Lincoln. History remembers only the Gettysburg Lincoln’s address and rarely makes mention of Everett’s oration.

Eight Benefits of Collaborative Practice Training (02/26/16)
This article describes the benefits I see from taking Collaborative training.