Stewart Levine

Stewart Levine Stewart Levine is the founder of ResolutionWorks that provides training, facilitation and conflict resolution services. This article is adapted from his book, Getting To Resolution (Berrett-Koehler, San Francisco, 1998)  The book is a selection of the Executive Book Club and was nominated as a top ten business book for 1998.

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Articles and Video:

Where Is The Wisdom? (03/03/03)
A chilling wind is blowing. As I write it is sending shivers of fear through my body. These shivers make me profoundly aware of the terror our founding fathers had suffered, and why they held freedom of expression as bedrock for the democratic union they conceived.

Managing By Agreement-The New MBA (04/30/01)
Collaboration is one of the keys to high levels of productivity. But the old rules about forms of collaboration no longer apply. The only rules that exist are the ones you make up for the particular transaction. That's why it's so important to have a method that will take care of any collaborative transaction, which is every transaction. The new MBA cuts through to the core of what gets in the way of the highest levels of performance and productivity.

The Many Costs of Conflict (04/11/01)
The cost of conflict represents a resource drain of huge proportion and a source of great unhappiness and discomfort. Discover how to do the math!