Hadassah Fidler

Hadassah Fidler

Hadassah Fidler LLB qualified as a lawyer in the UK and then retrained as a licensed mediator both in England and in Israel. She currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel, where she has a mediation practice specialising in mediation for English speakers.

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Website: www.mediationinisrael.com

Articles and Video:

What Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Can Teach Us About the Neutrality of the Mediator (09/15/20)
Pitt and Jolie's divorce has taken a long time, filed for in 2016, although divorced in 2019 their agreement regarding child custody and financial assets is still ongoing.

Separation in Isolation (06/12/20)
The message is to socially distance ourselves from others. But what if it’s your partner you want to socially distance yourself from?

Should Therapists Mediate? -- A Look at UK therapists (04/12/19)
Mediators come from a number of professional backgrounds, but lawyers and therapists are seemingly the most highly represented within their ranks.

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Innovate with ideas, try to think outside the box when it comes to solutions.

Nesting a New Co-Parenting Arrangement (05/22/17)
Divorce is a hard process and perhaps nobody knows this better than the children of divorced parents, who can find themselves caught up in a situation over which they have little control facing an uncertain future.

Mediation is Not Magic (09/16/16)
Mediation is the buzz word of conflict resolution. Reading around mediation would make it appear that if you have a conflict, a mediator, like a magician, can wave it away without a frown crossing anyone’s face.

When Sorry Can’t Be The Only Word (05/27/16)
The latest research into apologising will come as no surprise to those who work in the mediation arena.

What Do Divorce Selfies Have to Teach Us? (02/05/16)
A look at the trend for Divorce Selfies, what it tells us about the trend for an amicable divorce and the lessons professionals can take from it - to be more supportive about the idea that an amicable divorce is achievable.