Eric Slepak

Eric Slepak

Eric Slepak is the Resource Center Director at Resolution Systems Institute.  His duties include: Manage creation and dissemination of content across all RSI's platforms, including Resource Center, award-winning Just Court ADR blog, and monthly Court ADR Connection newsletter. Respond to inquiries from court administrators and other professionals seeking to develop, manage, and evaluate programs. Provide support in development, fundraising, marketing, and other organizational efforts.

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Articles and Video:

Eviction Mediation Updates, December 2021 (12/20/21)
As the state of eviction mediation continues to evolve, we wanted to share some notable developments from across the country.

RSI Publishes Report on Improving Pre-Mediation Screening for Intimate Partner Violence through Proposed Online Tool (11/08/19)
Over the past year, RSI has been working on a project researching and exploring whether and how an online tool could improve the frequency and competency with which mediators screen for intimate partner violence (IPV) prior to mediation.

Saving Homes, Building Understanding (11/30/18)
This new evaluation looks at four-plus years of data across eight different programs to provide a comprehensive analysis of foreclosure mediation in Illinois, and to highlight how differences in program models impacted outcomes.

Do Android Mediators Dream of Electric Agreements? (02/09/18)
With the new year being still fresh enough that some of us, and hopefully not just me, continue to write 2017 on their checks, the future is at the forefront of many of our minds.

Takeaways from a Child Protection Mediator Training (02/10/17)
Child protection cases involve a child who has been removed from their home following a substantiated claim of abuse or neglect.

Tough Love (07/22/16)
A recent study out of Columbia University suggests that nice mediators finish last.

Child Protection Perspectives: Initiating the Conversation (04/18/16)
RSI wanted to shine some attention on the work we are doing related to the development of the new Child Protection Mediation Program.

In Mediation, As On Broadway, It’s All About The Room Where It Happens (03/11/16)
In Broadway, the play Hamilton echoes the familiar goal of being part of the action-- the same theme we see parties deal with in ADR: who gets a say in the matter when there are lots of parties involved and/or many different interests at stake? In other words, who gets to be in the room where it happens?

If And When ADR Should Be Introduced Into Student Debt Conversation (01/04/16)
Just as homeowners over-leveraged themselves on the road to the foreclosure crisis, so too Americans now stand on the precipice of what could be an equally destabilizing student debt problem.