Richard Peachey

Richard Peachey

Richard has many years’ experience of client relationship management, project delivery and direct sales and marketing. He is responsible for promoting brand awareness and our dispute resolution services and training, whilst also assiting our new clients by discussing solutions to their needs.

Richard previously managaed customer services for Metropolitan and Voice Commerce Group, project managed for IHT and Cambridge City Council and worked in sales and marketing for Audi and NEC.

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Articles and Video:

Will More Harassment Training Ever Work? (03/17/19)
A new study has claimed 44% of UK business directors haven’t had any training on workplace harassment.

Why Investigations Always Need to Look Twice (02/15/19)
A lorry driver who’d just arrived at an depot was spotted weeing over pallets used for the delivery of food.

Student Welfare at the University of Cambridge Received a Funding Boost (07/28/17)
Student welfare at the University of Cambridge received a funding boost today as part of a sector-wide drive to embed a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of harassment on campus.

Be Prepared for Life's Stressors (12/23/16)
This article examines why scouts and guides have better mental health in later life.

UK Government has Announced £4.4m Funding to Tackle Bullying in Schools (10/03/16)
The Government has announced £4.4m funding for 10 innovative schemes to tackle bullying in schools.

Mr v Mrs: Call The Mediator (06/27/16)
Behind closed doors, in more than 500 locations across England and Wales, a network of National Family Mediation (NFM) services are meeting separated couples attempting to resolve their disputes over money, children and property – without a courtroom battle.

Counting the Cost of Conflict - Video (03/29/16)
This video produced by CMP Resolutions quickly describes a sample grievance process.

In Many Respects, Women are People Too... (11/09/15)
Thomas Manfield offered UK employees the chance to submit some of the most disturbing things they had overheard in their workplaces. The research found that rude and insulting remarks are still very much commonplace in offices today.