Gary Mason

Gary Mason

Rev. Dr. Gary Mason is the Director of the Journey towards Healing programme at the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health (NIAMH). Prior to this appointment, Rev. Dr. Mason spent 27 years as a Methodist clergy person in Belfast and has played an instrumental role in the Northern Irish peace process. In addition, he has contributed to establishing the Skainos project, the largest faith-based urban redevelopment project in Western Europe as well as a model of co-existence and conflict transformation. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Ulster, a graduate degree in Theology from Queens University, and a Bachelor’s in Business Studies from the University of Ulster.

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Articles and Video:

The Role of Intra-Group Consensus-Building in Disarming Militant Groups in Northern Ireland (03/24/15)
This study examines the internal process that led combatant groups in Northern Ireland, focusing on the Loyalist camp, to relinquish armed struggle as a viable strategy to accomplish their political goals. The study focuses on internal dynamics, i.e. intra-group negotiations and consensus- building mechanisms that Loyalist militant organisations employed to switch from violence to non-violence and from confrontation to engagement with their enemies.