Viggo Boserup

Viggo Boserup

Viggo Boserup, Esq. is a Certified Electronic Discovery Specialist and an accomplished mediator who is widely respected by counsel for his impartiality in treating all parties fairly and ability to quickly identify critical issues. His exceptional listening skills and sensitivity toward each party make him particularly well suited for resolving emotionally charged, complex cases. Known for his fortitude in obtaining a productive result and going the extra mile, Mr. Boserup follows up with parties to effect a settlement, even after the mediation session is over.

Mr. Boserup’s work on more than 2,000 homeowner lawsuits following wildfires that raged through San Diego County in 2007 stands as an illustrative example of his expertise as a special master. Working in conjunction with another JAMS mediator, Mr. Boserup developed and kept organized a mediation settlement process that was lauded by attorneys involved in the cases. The process facilitated settlement of more than 99 percent of the claims.

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