Stacy Roberts

Stacy Roberts

Stacy M. Roberts is an attorney mediator in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she mediates mostly family law cases, but also other civil disputes.  Stacy is also a board member for the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution and organizes the monthly Brown Bag lunch CLEs.  Stacy is an adjunct professor at the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law where she teaches advanced negotiation and mediation with Professor James Holbrook, and coaches the school's representation in mediation competition teams.

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Articles and Video:

Getting on the Same Page Regarding Mediation in the Future (04/20/15)
I agree with many other colleagues that going forward there should be a focus on public awareness, the training and licensing of mediators, but also, and maybe most importantly, the training of attorneys who will be using mediation. I say this because mediation is used when there is a dispute, so we know that litigation and mediation will almost always go hand in hand, and will therefore, almost always involve attorneys. So bear with me as I discuss the rationale for this thought process on the future of mediation and two recent observations that have led me to this conclusion.

5 Tips to Prepare for Mediation (03/01/15)
Utah mediator Stacy Roberts shares her suggestions on how to prepare for the best possible mediation experience. Enjoy this video.