John Helie

John Helie

As a co-founder of (1996), John Helie extended his commitment to dispute resolution and the Internet. John earlier founded ConflictNet in 1988 as a communication forum and information sharing network for the Conflict Resolution Practitioners community. A trained mediator and facilitator, John pioneered work with online conflict and communication from the earliest days of the Internet.

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Articles and Video:

Video: The First 25 Years (10/06/20)
This video, developed by new CEO, Colin Rule, recounts the founding of, now more than 25 years ago by John Helie and Jim Melamed.

John Helie: Awarding His Legacy (11/01/19)
Colin Rule introduces John Helie at an awards luncheon. John Helie then accepts the award and discusses the dispute resolution field.

John Helie: ACR Award and Words of Wisdom (10/05/19)
John Helie receives the ACR Mary Parker Follett award. The introduction discusses the history of the mediation field and the part that John Helie played. In his acceptance speech, John shares his wisdom with those just entering the field and those who are long-term mediators.

Interview with John Helie - Views from the Eye of the Storm (03/15/18)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with John Helie, founder of ConflictNet and co-Founder of, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

There Goes That Internet Thingy Again! (03/26/07)
Many years ago as I introduced the ADR community to the Internet, I made many bold claims. Some claims were vague and broad, others more specific. In the sense that the Internet changed communication in general, I was pretty right on about how it would affect ADR. The one claim I was hesitant to make was that it would come to define us.

Communication Assessment: Promising Practice For Meeting Management (10/13/03)
Every medium of communication has advantages and disadvantages, as well as personal preferences. Each has optimal process applications and drawbacks. In other words, they work well for some things and not so well for others. As a part of the convening process, it might be helpful to find out what is available, desireable, and what works for the group. Please view, add and subscribe to:

Peace and the Internet (11/25/02)
With the state of the world today, anyone would be hard pressed to make a case that the Internet has had a significant positive impact on world peace. On the other hand, knowing how much the Internet has changed the world, it is hard to imagine that the Internet has not changed the peacefulness of the world. The Internet has changed everything.

Featured Mediator Program (06/26/02) is pleased to announce a new Featured Mediator Program for mediators with MediatorDirect listings.

Email Management and Etiquette (12/01/01)
Email is mainstream. For many of us, email rivals the phone and personal meetings as primary means of delivering professional and business communications and services. Understanding email management capacities, options and best practices is in everyone's best interest.

Tips On The Use Of Email (10/08/01)
Tips that may help you be a more effective participant in an online meeting. Online meetings can be very short or extend over years; can include a few people or thousands.

Emerging Cultural Norms For Electronic Communication (06/15/01)
While electronic communication can be inclusive and foster dialogue, the question of when and how to involve others or to get involved is challenging. And because these are early days of electronic communication, cultural norms about acceptable behavior have yet to fully develop.

OnLine Dispute Resolution: Implications for the ADR Profession (07/24/00)
Communication technology impacts all communication. Understand how the Internet is impacting your process and your practice; explore the emerging opportunities of online conflict resolution, and how internet-based tools can be used effectively in your place-based business.


The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm Vol. I
Views from the Eye of the Storm

Featuring 31 of the most experienced mediators in the world.

This two-hour DVD is a "highlight" film of compelling commentary from pioneers and leaders in the field of mediation.

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