Leslie Short

Leslie Short

Leslie Short is owner and creator of Ascend Bereavement Management {ABM} is the owner of K.I.M. Media LLC, which is a branding and special event firm. Her knowledge of dealing with varies cultures comes from working Internationally including 20 plus years in the entertainment field. Leslie served as interim Chaplain at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, while serving she created and ran the adult Sickle Cell patient support group along with Palliative Care department. She was instrumental in working closely with the patient relations department handling death within the hospital and the cultural difference of the patients and their families. She has studied pastoral care & counseling at New York Theological Seminary, as well as world religion and bereavement. She is also a certified Pastoral Care volunteer and member of the Pastoral Care Board of Directors at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York. In addition, Leslie is an active member of the New York State Chaplain Task Force as well as an instructor for their New York City training facility. Leslie is certified a Elder/Adult Family Mediator and Faith-Based Mediator.

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Articles and Video:

Shaking My Magic 8 Ball Looking Into the Future of Mediation (03/03/15)
I have shaken my magic 8 ball and it landed on Conflict Coaching. Some of you may say nothing “futuristic” about that I've been doing that for years. I believe it may be used in private practice, but not in community centers.

Branding the Industry of Mediation (02/20/15)
We were all trained to be aware of “what's in our bags” or to phrase it differently, what each person brings to the table. Then we’re told you must not bring anything to the table but the ability to listen and ask open-ended questions.

Faith-Based Mediation: What is it and does it matter? (06/21/14)
This article is defining what we believe a faith based mediation is seen and practice through the lens of being inclusive of all faith and belief system. This article asks two question "What is faith" and "Does it Matter" we explore these two questions understanding the process of embracing all faith. To create a dialog that opens all faith to come to the table without being judge.