Meredith Richardson

Meredith Richardson

Meredith Richardson, Esq., CPC, helps people and organizations to successfully navigate conflict through mediation, conflict coaching, and training.  Though she was trained and worked as an attorney in ME, NH, and MA, she no longer self-identifies as a lawyer.  She helps people to have difficult conversations successfully.

Meredith is well-respected by her peers, and has served on both the Maine Association of Mediators Board and the NH Conflict Resolution Association Board.  With an office in Maine, she is readily available for work in Maine, NH, and Massachusetts.   

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Articles and Video:

When Someone You Love Disappears on You (05/18/19)
How can you help clients when the other party disappears?

Choose the Road Less Traveled in Conflict (12/28/18)
Are you stuck in a rut in your relationship with someone?

How to Break Free of An Addictive Relationship (10/05/18)
You can choose whether to continue with an addictive relationship.

How to Get Rid of 80% of Your Unhappiness in Relationships (02/22/18)
Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule? The theory is that 80% of consequences are a direct result of 20% of causes.

What Does the 2017 Tax Law Mean for Divorcing Couples? (02/02/18)
I sat down with Jill Boynton of Cornerstone Financial Planning to find out how this law will effect divorcing couples.

When Your Game Face Makes You Out of Touch With Your Emotions (10/27/17)
What would help to process what is going on for you and help you to make any conscious changes?

When in Conflict, Ask Yourself, “What are the unmet needs?” (10/06/17)
When you are in conflict, what are your unmet needs? What are the unmet needs of the person with whom you are in conflict?

Moving Workplace Conflict from Dysfunctional to Functional (09/29/17)
When I get a call about workplace conflict, I often find that these 4 things are true.

Why Bother with Yellow Flowers When You Really Want a Turtle? (07/14/17)
It’s better to be transparent and tell the person how the proposed solution could benefit everyone involved.

When in Conflict, Ask Yourself, "What are the unmet needs?" (04/07/17)
When you are in conflict, what are your unmet needs? What are the unmet needs of the person with whom you are in conflict?

Are You Trying to Defy the Laws of Gravity in Your Conflict? (01/27/17)
In their book, "Designing Your Life," authors Burnett and Evans talk about "gravity problems," things like gravity that you cannot change no matter how hard you try.

How to Give Your Spouse the Best Christmas Present Ever (12/09/16)
When things are going well in a marriage, when you've been together for years and years, you can take your spouse for granted.

Parenting Across the Miles (11/28/16)
When people with young children divorce, they create a schedule of parenting time for each parent with the children. What happens when life disrupts this schedule?

When Your Game Face Makes You Out of Touch With Your Emotions (09/16/16)
Our game face, or our poker face, is the face we put on for the outside world that masks what is happening for us internally.

Could Your Relationship Survive a Crisis? (09/02/16)
The bigger story when you are in a crisis is how it impacts your relationship with your spouse and what that says about your relationship.

The Worst Valentine's Day Ever (02/05/16)
When you're young, the worst Valentine's Day ever may be the day at school when everyone got a flower or a card except for you. That's pretty bad.

When a Former Boyfriend Gets Added into the Mix (12/11/15)
I already knew what happened next. I was as wrong as wrong can be.

Outwitting Cognitive Dissonance (05/22/15)
We like to believe that we are rational beings who make rational decisions. Sometimes, we are. And sometimes, we are not.

How Do Blind Spots Affect Conflict? (03/06/15)
We all have blind spots. There are things we intentionally ignore and things that we unintentionally ignore. How do those blind spots impact our reaction to conflict?

What an 8-year-old Taught Me About Life (12/19/14)
Playing games brings out the worst in us," normalized these feelings for me. I am not the only one who feels a little yucky during the game as the competitive spirit takes over, while, at the same time, there is no clear path to controlling the situation so as to create the best possible outcome for myself. The need to win can bring out the worst in each of us.

My Least Favorite Part of Conflict (12/01/14)
My least favorite part of conflict is not the conflict itself, nor is it any argument that may result. It's the aftermath. It could be that the conflict remains unresolved. It could be that things were said that deeply hurt one or both people, and that hurt feelings have been lingering for quite some time and only recently voiced.

Fall is a Time to Reap What You've Sown (10/21/14)
Fall is in the air. The nights are cooler and longer. The apples at local farms are almost ready to be picked. If you've been taking care of yourself and your relationships, then spending time at home with your loved ones may be quite pleasant.

When Trust is Broken (10/13/14)
Do you want to be right or do you want to be in relationship? This can be one of the hardest questions to answer.