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Geoff Ball Geoff Ball -- Master Facilitator, Trainer and Conflict Manager.
Geoff Ball works in a variety of settings with a wide range of clients in situations that are often complex and involve varying numbers of people from small working groups to large conferences and public meetings. Geoff coined the phrase 'Group Memory' and was an integral part in the development of "Group Graphics," a technique that uses large wall charts to enable people to see the big picture and relationships among diverse elements. Group graphics has also been proven to be very powerful in that it allows people to feel heard and validated as the thought/ idea is being translated to the "charts." He uses a computer in conjunction with a technographer to enhance the capabilities of groups working together to produce high quality results in a condensed period of time. Geoff is a certified test administrator and interpretor of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment tool which has proven to be powerful in team building. Prior to working as a facilitator, he worked with pattern recognition and data analysis, while at the Stanford Research Institute Geoff developed one of the first interactive data analysis computer systems. Geoff received his formal education at Harvard University (B.A.) and Stanford University (M.S. and Ph.D.). He has taught Cybernetics Systems at San Jose State University, and Communications/Management Skills at the University of San Francisco. He is published in technical and professional journals, and is on the board of Aikido West. "There is method and, yet, NO magic- except the magic of a group of people seeing they can accomplish more by working together than they can achieve alone."

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From Geoff Ball (08/30/07) makes the network work - I can and have uploaded my articles and downloaded others' contributions - I actually scan thru your list of articles each month - the precis's are great - and read a number of them. Through some magic (more likely hard work and talent) you all manage to keep the quality up - and up. I look forward to the next 200 issues.

Graphic Facilitation Focuses A Group's Thoughts (04/05/99)
The real appeal of graphic facilitation is that it's more than just a fancy way to take notes; it's a technique for helping groups reach consensus and resolve disputes.

Unwanted Repetitive Patterns In Organizations (04/05/99)
The authors describe samples of what they now recognize as a particular configuration or syndrome in organizations or departments. They welcome any additional thoughts about the dynamics involved as well as any clues about where/how to intervene.