Kevin Boileau

Kevin Boileau

Kevin Boileau is a Managing Partner at the mediation and negotiation firm of Boileau Conflict Solutions.  He is Interim Director at the BCS Dispute Resolution Institute and both Executive Director and Professor at the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute.  He is also Professor of Psychoanalysis and Critical Theory at the Global Center for Advanced Studies.  He and his colleague, Nazarita Goldhammer, actively direct research in the mathematics of game theory and the sciences of phenomenology and psychoanalysis, especially as they are applied to mediation and negotiation.

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Articles and Video:

The Myth of Mediation Neutrality - book excerpt (08/08/14)
The traditional view is that a mediator is a neutral, third party who helps two or more conflicting parties cooperatively resolve their differences. Interestingly enough, this belief is analogous to the Cartesian-Newtonian epistemological position that holds that one can be an independent observer of an objective world, in science or in daily life. However, I am skeptical about this position, both epistemologically and clinically. What remains an open question is whether a mediator can actually ever be a 'neutral third.'