Pradeep Deshpande

Pradeep Deshpande

Pradeep Deshpande is an author for correspondence on meditation; Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering, University of Louisville, Visiting Professor of Management, University of Kentucky, and President and CEO, Six Sigma and Advanced Controls, Inc., Louisville, KY 40222.

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Articles and Video:

America at a Crossroads (11/28/16)
Is intervention possible that will permit the US society to continue to rise or to keep the decline at bay longer?

New Approach to Conflict Resolution (10/28/16)
Traditional approaches to conflict resolution rely on negotiations and changes in training, policies, and procedures. Trying to fix problems after they have already occurred is akin to the desire to improve quality, productivity, and performance in manufacturing and service applications with monitoring alone.

Meditation Enhances Mediation: A Six Sigma Perspective (excerpt) (06/13/14)
The importance of including meditation in mediation efforts is explained. A considerable body of evidence in the scientific literature, as well as reputed media publications, are supportive of the hypothesis meditation will enhance workplace mediation programs. Together they will lead to less workplace discord and workforce conflict, as well as offer improvements in health, wellness, quality, productivity, and competitive position.