Michael Toebe

Michael Toebe

Michael is a conflict management specialist, serving businesses and individuals in strategically, effectively gaining deeper understanding of conflicts and disputes and working through them more protectively and wisely.

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Website: www.conflictmanagementcare.com

Articles and Video:

The Dead End of Confrontation Can Be Overcome (07/31/20)
I read an article about Why Do We Become Confrontational and it intrigued me to the point it acted as a catalyst to reach out to the author to request an interview. They accepted.

When a Dispute "Win" May Prove Shortsighted (09/01/17)
This is a brief examination of a dispute between the Washington Redskins NFL football team and the government over the franchise's team name, which many see as racist. The organization won in court, yet did they really "win?"

Mediating Disputes for Effective Healthcare Relationship Firefighting (06/30/17)
The practice of healthcare is demanding and stressful. Conflicts materialize in most human interactions and the medical field is no different. Actually, it might be expected. Yet there is a solution.

Mediating Disputes as a Reliable and Protective Life Hack (06/08/17)
Do we realize the pain-relieving, cost-effective remedy that mediation can be in our everyday lives and do we look at mediators the same as we do other trusted service providers we use?

Headlines of Mediation Failure Not Based on Evidence (12/09/16)
I have seen on more than a few occasions an online headline that says "mediation fails in....(dispute)". This article attempts to provide alternative thought to that claim and misconception.

Mediation in Multi-billion Dollar Dispute (11/04/16)
Two medical-testing firms have a $5.8 billion deal ready to go yet there are serious legal, risk and ethical issues in the way. The firms have agreed to mediation, which is an encouraging sign of progress in corporate business.

Executive Brief on Discovering Disputes Early (07/11/16)
Are organizations thinking proactively about the problems that could negatively affect their mission, bottom line and legal safety? This article proposes a strategy and lists benefits of mediating as a remedy.

How to Better Solve Your Consumer Disputes (06/06/16)
When consumer disputes evolve, the perception and at times, reality is it's a push-resistance equation. Emotions escalate. Judgments, yet not resolution, rule.

Meditation is Not the Same as Mediation (05/13/16)
Two words, distinctly different meanings. Yet often confused by the eye, ear and mind because the words are spelled somewhat similarly and maybe sound alike to people when spoken. Yet it's useful to distinguish between the two for when a stressful situation arises and we find ourselves in critical need of help.

How Mediation Could Help Dispute Between MLB and Rose (04/14/16)
Pete Rose failed to have his ban from the sport rescinded recently. He's now been banned from any participation in the sport and inclusion into the Hall of Fame for 26 years and counting. The two sides cannot work through the conflict and it seems counterproductive to both sides' interests.

Dispute Suspends 100-plus-year-old Basketball Rivalry (03/11/16)
Two Utah universities have suspended a 100-plus-year-old sports competition in mens basketball over a dispute. The schools forfeited much - history, a strong marketing event, revenue, fan disappointment and more. I interviewed Bernie Mayer to talk about the story.

One Critical Missing Service Provider To Make Life Easier (02/19/16)
I've seen so many stories in the news that mediation could solve before the ugliness escalated to the current levels. This is meant to be a light bulb going off in a dark room for someone who reads the article, to provoke thought and hopefully inspire them to make a phone call to a mediator.

A Hot College Dispute Crying for Mediation (01/29/16)
The University of Missouri has been in the spotlight and it's not the school's finest moment as football players have announced they are on strike until the school president steps down due to their hurt over a lack of response to painful experiences of racism.

Former President Carter Mediating MLK Jr. Family Case (at age 91) (01/04/16)
A national story involving two very famous names (MLK Jr.'s children and former President Jimmy Carter) that can prove so helpful in building more awareness about the intelligence and effectiveness of mediation to solve disputes in place of punching someone with rights-based litigation.

High-Profile Attention for Mediation in Billion Dollar Family Dispute (11/30/15)
Requesting parties to try mediation in a high-stakes case is not a reckless thought on behalf of the judge or the parties. It's more big picture and helpful to the people, relationship and for the allocation of resources in the dispute. Full-blown litigation is not excluded. It's just asked to wait patiently for now.

Problem-solving Effectiveness of Sports Mediation (08/05/15)
Sports is a highly-competitive culture and that same commitment and drive it takes to get results can also be a strength so strong, too strong in fact, that it becomes a weakness in minimizing or resolving very costly conflicts, whether that be relationally, performance wise or financially.

Mediated Prenuptial Agreements Benefit Couples and Mediators (05/02/14)
The romance might be lacking in the thought and decision making but there might be relational wisdom in pursuing mediated prenuptial agreements and valuable marketing awareness as a byproduct for mediators. Couples often spend significant time planning a wedding, buying a house and cars, financial planning and how to best raise children, so a question that begs asking is why don't most marrying partners plan for better outcomes in the event a marriage eventually dissolves?