Giuseppe dePalo

Giuseppe dePalo

Giuseppe DePalo is one of the five directors of JAMS International, the co-founder and President of ADR Center in Rome, and an International Professor of ADR Law & Practice at Hamline University in Minnesota.

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Articles and Video:

The Italian ADR Saga: a Machiavellian Plot, or Just Lawyers Without a Plan (10/24/14)
Mediation has long been a matter of contention in Italy. First introduced by a government decree in 2011, mandatory mediation resulted in strikes by part of the legal profession, and was then quashed in 2012 by the country’s Constitutional Court. As the number of mediations dropped drastically after the court decision, in September 2013 Italy re-introduced the mandatory requirement. The country is still in the growing pains of a new system.

Voluntary Mediation? Apparently, the False Prince Charming (03/14/14)
The recent publication of a study conducted for the European Parliament on Mediation has contributed to the ongoing international debate about effective mediation policy. This article continues that debate, by presenting a response to the study, and comments on the response.