Christian Radu Chereji

Christian Radu Chereji

Christian-Radu Chereji is an anthropologist, a mediator, a photographer and an explorer of the realm of conflict. He goes to the far corners of the world to document indigenous practices of conflict management, with a focus on mediation procedures, techniques and tools. He thinks old wisdom holds many lessons for the modern practitioner in the field of conflict resolution. Christian has a BA in History and a PhD in Philosophy. He has been a teacher of conflict studies for more than 20 years and a mediation trainer and practitioner for more than 10 years.

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Articles and Video:

Mediating Blood Feuds in the Cretan Mountains (01/12/18)
One tradition on Crete is the persistence of blood feuds, conflicts between clans that go for generations, involving armed violence and bloodshed.

Don't Rush (02/26/15)
There is a lot of talk nowadays about the apparent failure of mediation to live up to its potential. Reports published on paper and online, presented before institutions or at various conferences, point to the relatively low number of mediation cases compared to the number of lawsuits filling the logs of the courts and then draw the inevitable conclusion that mediation has missed the opportunity of (be)coming mainstream.

What Went Wrong with Mediation? (02/07/14)
Presenting recently the results of the study on ‘Rebooting’ the Mediation Directive, Giuseppe de Palo talked about the “European Union mediation paradox” – the existence of a “highly acclaimed, efficient, effective process that very few people use”, in his own words – and the need of “rebooting” the implementation of mediation process in the EU in the light of the limited effects of current legislation upon the number of civil cases mediated.