Bruce Provda

Bruce Provda

Bruce Provda became an attorney in New York back in the 1970s. Bruce is a graduate of Long Island University and subsequently, of the Hofstra University School of Law. He is a member of the New York Bar City Association as well as the Brooklyn Bar Association, Family Law Section. Provda is a family law and divorce veteran. Whether you need a firmly grounded attorney for domestic violence, asset distribution following the breakdown of your relationship, deciding on the custody of the children, Bruce Provda is on hand to provide you with specialist advice from a wealth of knowledge gathered and constantly renewed over the last four decades.


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Articles and Video:

6 Reasons You Need a Prenup (12/19/14)
Many divorces happen because of financial problems. A prenup forces both parties to look at — and reveal — their financial picture. An open discussion about finance may help to build a firm foundation for marriage.

GPS and Divorce Mediation (07/07/14)
GPS systems are starting to make their way into divorce proceedings. When infidelity is suspected, being able to produce digital confirmation of an spouse’s movements can provide powerful ammunition and lay a strong foundation for the remainder of the mediation process.

Why Couples Are Choosing Mediation in Divorce Cases (11/04/13)
If you are contemplating a divorce or having trouble settling divorce issues with your spouse, mediation might be the best choice. Mediation is a great setting for you and your spouse to settle your divorce issues in a more amicable fashion with less stress on you and other family members, including your children. Being able to settle issues quickly helps children and other family members adjust to the situation as well.