Tina Monberg

Tina Monberg

Tina Monberg is a solicitor, psychotherapist and corporate lawyer with unique insight into the potential for mediation. After graduating in mediation from Harvard Law School, Tina became a coach and trainer for mediators. Her three mediation books contain strategies for conflict resolution based upon the experiences and techniques she has developed.  Tina's methodology in mediation is to help individuals understand the need to adapt their behaviour in the conflict situation. This creates an environment where energies can be re-channelled positively into a healthy working relationship.

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Website: www.imimediation.org/tina-monberg

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Engineering Peace - Achieving the promise of mediation in the world's most difficult conflicts (09/16/13)
Achieving the promise of mediation in conflicts that threaten the stability of societies and economies is one of the most important challenges of our time. Inspiring progress has been made in the past few years by the UN, and political leaders increasingly perceive mediation as vital for avoiding and resolving conflict at all levels in society, worldwide. Yet in individual cases mediation is rarely used as an avoidance and prevention process, and left until conflicts have escalated to the point that achieving a timely negotiated outcome, or avoiding a catastrophe, is virtually out of reach.