Ana Gonçalves

Ana Gonçalves

Ana Gonçalves is a coach, trainer and mediator, and the founder and president of the ICFML - Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos.  Ana is Co-Chair of IMI’s Online Dispute Resolution Taskforce.

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Articles and Video:

Cyberweek 2020: Creating a Code of Disclosure for Online Mediators (11/07/20)
This Cyberweek 2020 session describes a suggested Code of Disclosure for Online Mediators to help modernize mediation ethics as we mediate online.

4th Key-Professionalism: Create a Universal Code of Disclosure (07/20/20)
Universal mediation standards have been a controversial issue ever since the rise of mediation as a dispute resolution process.

5th Key-Technology: Take Advantage of ODR’s Full Potential (07/15/20)
Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) is now universal, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic began.

Luanda Believes in Mediation as a Valid Dispute Resolution Approach (12/13/13)
Between the 25th and the 29th of November of 2013, the CAAL, an Angolan arbitration dispute center based in Luanda, and Convirgente, with the support of the Angolan Bar Association and the Qualifying Assessment Program for Portuguese speaking countries represented by ICFML (Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos), organized a course on Mediation, in Luanda, Angola. The training purpose was to give participants the necessary skills to act as mediators in several types of disputes.

A Brain-Based Analysis of Online Mediation (06/20/13)
For some dispute resolution professionals, “online” is a dirty word that should not be associated with mediation. The main reason offered is that online is not a “normal” or “true” social interaction and that technology is not reliable enough for such a difficult process as conflict resolution. For other professionals, online mediation is a no-brainer: it’s a great substitute to face-to-face mediation for parties who might never have the time and/or money to travel to meet each other in a neutral place.