Graham Ross

Graham Ross

Graham Ross is a UK lawyer and accredited mediator with over 30 years experience in IT and the law. Graham is the leading UK expert in the field of ODR (Online Dispute Resolution). He co-founded the UK's first ODR service, a blind bidding service called We Can Settle in 2000, and two years later the online mediation service The Mediation Room.

He is a Fellow of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at UMass (Amhurst)?.

Graham is a member of two Working Groups of the UK Civil Justice Council? ? being those on Alternative Dispute Resolution and on Online Dispute Resolution. Graham co-wrote the Report of the ODR Working Group which triggered the current moves? in the UK? to an online court.? Graham developed and runs the leading training course in applying technology to ADR ?at ?

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Articles and Video:

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The second half of 2018 has seen a marked increase in conferences including, if not focused solely on, developments in Online Dispute Resolution and online mediation.

ODR's Role in In-Person Mediation and Other 'Must Know' Takeaways About ODR (03/17/17)
This article covers a number of practical aspects of online mediation to broaden the understanding of how ODR can benefit a mediation practice.

ODR in Europe (05/18/13)
This paper offers an overview of the present situation of ODR in Europe and discusses effective development of ODR deployments to handle online, offline, national and cross-border disputes in Europe. To do so, we proceed by first defining the scope of ODR and reviewing existing services. We then continue by analyzing the major challenges faced by ODR in Europe and finally conclude by suggesting some future scenarios.