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Negotiation and Mediation: From Preparation to Maximum Result (01/04/14)
A structured preparation to negotiations will lead to maximum result. It is important that parties are aware of their alternatives prior to starting the negotiation. This article is part of a series that will describe how you can prepare yourself for any negotiation.

ADR Theory: Intractability in Relation to the Ripeness Theory (06/28/13)
Intractability is a somewhat difficult term to expain. It refers to a conflict that has stalled. Parties have no grip or traction on the conflict and the conflict is most likely spiraling out of control. Intractable conflicts are characterized by being complex and having far-reaching consequences. Most likely, intractable conflicts are conflicts that have escalated a fair bit.

Ripeness of Conflict (06/14/13)
This article will delve into one of the many ADR theories. In this case, it is the ripeness theory of conflict. This theory states that two conditions are necessary for parties to enter into ADR: both sides must be in a hurting stalemate and both sides must be optimistic about successful mediation.

ODR: Using Online Dispute Resolution and Recommendations for Further Use (05/17/13)
ODR stands for Online Dispute Resolution. It is a form of dispute resolution that occurs digitally and where parties are not in the same room or perhaps even the same country. Rather, technology is making it possible for parties to resolve their conflict. Parties can communicate through use of e-mail, teleconferencing or chat. With ODR, there is the possibility for a third, neutral, party to moderate the communication and help parties towards conflict resolution.