Randy Drew

Randy Drew Specializing in the impossible (well, if I get to write it), L. Randy Drew is Co-Executive Program Director of Southern California Family Mediation, humbly serving the California, Los Angeles Superior Dependency Court, and in partnership with the University of Southern California Gould School of Law’s Judith O. Hollinger Dispute Resolution Program.  From Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA, Randy is also associated with California State University Northridge, Pepperdine University, MBB, and SCMA.  In a former life, he resolved tens of thousands of consumer complaints, and serendipitously (as in, not by choice), spent the majority of his life inside some pretty impressive interpersonal conflicts and outside his comfort zone.

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Website: www.SoCalFamilyMediation.org

Articles and Video:

Child Dependency Mediation Update (07/02/18)
Mediator Randy Drew discusses the success of their multi-mediator approach.

The Intractability Barrier in Child Dependency (04/13/18)
Stories of successfully breaking the intractability barrier in child dependency mediation: Conflict can be dealt with more successfully & less harmfully. (Say it with me.)

Mediating With Sharks Is No Walk In The Park (02/08/18)
It is important to Praise Publicly & Quadrate Privately.

Mediatees Have The Right To Make ‘Bad’ Decisions (05/21/16)
Self-determination (volition), sometimes, means mediation participants get to make ‘bad’ decisions.

Defining Mediation: Voluntary Assisted Negotiation (09/26/14)
Mediators have historically resisted defining mediation, because mediation can be necessarily amorphic and definitions can be dangerous. However, the world is defining mediation with or without us. Therefore, it is time for us to weigh in on the question: What is mediation?

Mediation and the Meta-Metaphor Too (10/04/13)
You – like me – are probably not unique in any particular significant way, but you – like I – are significantly unique when all things are considered. So that makes us the same, in a very particular way, on any given day; absurd? I long to be irresistible, consistent, and correct. What ends-up being consistent is my inability to meet those three objectives, simultaneously.

Mediation Marketing (09/13/13)
Someone said, perfection is the enemy of good and great. What I don’t like about perfection is that it can hold-up progress when it comes to mediation marketing. How many times have you asked a client to look inside and find the best person they can be? Perhaps it is time to do the same with your mediation marketing.

Los Angeles Superior Court Shutters ADR Program (05/06/13)
After more than 20 years, the largest program of its kind in the United States is calling it quits. We’re discussing the ending of possibly the largest single ADR practical training ground in the world. Could this be a "make lemonade" moment for mediators? Will this megalithic event impact mediators homogeneously, or will there be a stratification of consequences?